Project Services


The first step of implementing any new solution in an environment is the Design Phase. Mercury Managed will assess your current environment, understand what your objectives are, and design out a solution. Our sole goal is to Design a solution for your environment that meets your businesses goals and objectives, so this is the most crucial step in our Project Services. Once we have the business objectives, we interview key stakeholders to determine any and all end user impacts that may take place during implementation or cutover. This second part of our Design phase is recorded in our Statement of Work that is signed off on by the Client and Mercury Managed so we have complete agreement on task and strategy.


The second phase of implementing a new technology is the Deployment and Implementation of the solution. Our Project Management team takes what was discussed on the Statement of Work and confirms a date and time with the Client’s IT Team. From there we schedule our Project Engineers to come onsite or work remote depending on the Project Requirements to complete the task as written out. Our mission is to make any transition in technology seamless from implementation to cutover for all end users. Mercury Managed takes the hassle out of first time installs by only providing solutions done before through our Referenced Architecture Program. If the solution is something that has not been done prior to our team, we leverage our Vendor Relationships to do the implementation allowing our team to Shadow on the project, so we are prepared for the next client’s needs.


Upon completion of the project, our Project Engineer will deliver documentation of all steps taken through out the implementation of the project. From user logins and password credentials to an audit trail of hours spent on the project, our Clients have complete insight as to what was completed during our Project, so they have all information tracked for their own records.


Upon delivering the Project Documentation to the Client, a close out call is scheduled to review the documentation and receive final sign off that all tasks were completed.

Our Projects are considered a Business Guarantee for our clients and we are committed to making any Project a positive experience. Our Debrief phase of projects is designed to have confirm that a Client understands the solution implemented and how best to manage and optimize said solution going forward.