company culture

Mercury Managed strives to be the best IT Partner for not only our clients but for our employees, community, and technology partners. Our mission is to accelerate the successes of our employees while in turn positively impacting the communities in which we live and work.

At Mercury Managed, we have four pillars we believe are key to the success of our business and of our client experience.


We are striving to build a better tomorrow with direct focuses throughout DFW. By working with existing Charitable Organizations, we are impacting the lives of thousands of individuals in hopes of creating a better tomorrow. Each employee of Mercury Managed is asked to find a cause they believe in and to make that positive impact that can change the lives of the less fortunate.


Mercury Managed has a vision that that our successes in business would be shared with the surrounding communities in which we live and work. We named our Philanthropic efforts IMPACT. Our goal is to combat the prevalent issues plaguing our surrounding communities through financial contributions and volunteering. Mercury Managed is asking each Client and Partner to share in our Mission by Volunteer or Donation. If your business has been successful and you wish to make an IMPACT in our community as well, you can reach out to your Account Manager or to discuss next steps.

We hope that when you hear Mercury Managed you not only think of a great technology partner, but more so as a company striving to make a humanitarian impact.


Our employees are the backbone of Mercury Managed. From our Support Staff to Operations Team, our Business thrives off the work they put in each day. Knowing this, our employees come first in all strategic decisions made for Mercury Managed. We do not just want the best employees at Mercury Managed, we want the best for our people.


Our clients are our passion at Mercury Managed. The busiensses and technologies we support are important but the individiduals within those organizations are the true client for us. We understand technology is best when it just works but when there is a need for help, Mercury will be there to assist you in an efficent manner to get you back to working on whats important for you. Creating a true partnership with our clients is key to the success of our business. For this reason, we see ourselves as not an outsourced IT Support company but as a part of your team.


Mercury Managed prides itself on the client experience we offer to our end users. Without the technologies and support our Partners provide Mercury Managed, we would be unable to facilitate solutions that fit your needs. The personal dedication our Partners provide to Mercury Managed and our employees continues to be the difference in the client experience we provide.