Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services team can help you manage all your Cloud needs. From IaaS to SaaS, we can assist you in the management and upkeep of these systems and tools, so you can focus on your business.

Software as a Service

The SaaS model has become very popular for businesses today as this has become the “Easy” button for hosting applications. The value in the SaaS model, you put all support, patching, updates on the Companies providing the service. The downside can be a higher cost of licensing and potentially less flexibility.

This model as all other models needs to be evaluated but with Mercury Managed, we can help you make the right decision.

Popular SaaS Models our Clients Use:

  • Microsoft O365
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Box
  • Google G Suite
  • Slack
  • DocuSign

Platform as a Service

Somewhat of a hybrid methodology, the PaaS model fits in between the SaaS and IaaS models. With the PaaS model, clients have the look and feel of a SaaS model but are also given more control to their App Developers. In a PaaS model, clients can develop and deploy software and truly customize applications to fit their specific needs. Your Developers will be happy to know that the Infrastructure Hardware will be managed and maintained by the PaaS Company but still give free reign to customize the Virtual Environment as they see fit.

Popular PaaS Companies:

  • AWS
  • Salesforce
  • Windows Azure
  • VMWare Pivotal

Infrastructure as a Service

The model clients are starting to adopt rapidly is IaaS. This final model replaces the needs for purchasing and maintaining server infrastructure onsite or in a Co-Location. A business can now obtain the resilient and scalable virtual environment it desires while no longer having to budget for hardware refreshes or constant warranty renewals.

A business can now load up all their workloads on a single environment hosted by a single provider and Mercury Managed. Below are three of the Cloud Hosting providers we use for our clients.